Gifts for Mom

Always forgiving, marvellously adorable and unconditionally caring, moms are the best gifts one can ever have in life. The best way we can show gratitude to these lovely personalities is by pampering them with unique thank you gifts. They love designer jewellery and have a soft spot for other adorable gift items. This festive season, you can take advantage of this knowledge and spoil your loving mother with housewarming gifts from Newcastle Classified.

The Perfect Starting Point

Every woman loves unique flowers. They are wonderful and remind our moms of how special they are to us. You do not have to wait until Mother’s Day to spoil your mom with handpicked bespoke Thank You Flowers. At Newcastle Classified, we stock varieties of flowers suitable for gifting adorable people. Walk into our gifting shop and let our experts help you make the most appropriate gift choices for her.

Authentic Jewellery

Nothing gives mom that glamorous look than original handmade jewellery. Pick something Unique from French Giants Oree and make the festive season a memorable time for mom. Do not go for the ordinary necklaces that every woman in town has. Show her how special she is by choosing unique jewellery that blends well with her skin tone and favourite dress.

Upholstery Fabric

It does not have to be about jewelleries and flowers all the time. Moms also treasure their homes. Presenting her with housewarming gifts not only show that you care for her but also gives a deeper insight of how attached to home you are. This Mothers’ Day, grab some pieces of Marimekko for her. Put a smile on her face by showing her you care for what she loves most; her matrimonial home!